Cursos de Hebreo Online - Cursos de Hebraico Online

Ulpan Mahir





Since 2007, the First in Online Hebrew



 The first online Hebrew system wehere

         you choose your  pace of study.

  • Literacy in 8 classes.

  • Basic Hebrew.

  • Intermediate Hebrew.

  • Advanced Hebrew.

  • For All Ages.


We invite you to know our pillars to master the Hebrew language:

Online Classes with Teacher

A certified teacher will explain you all about the Hebrew grammar, syntax, and applied vocabulary.

You will continue your progress step by step and working with you oral and written comprehension, and conversation.



Multimedia support 24 hours.

The times of boring classes with hards lectures, in which you're a prisoner of the time were ended!

24 hours per day you can exercise with  entertaining multimedia games that will help you to  review and consolidate knowledge in an  interactive way.


Assisted Workout

Week by Week.

The key for learning is the  exercising and the constancy.

Week by week you will receive a bundle of exercises that will be supervised by your teacher.


The HFL Method

Ulpan Mahir has an own method for teaching Hebrew as a foreign language. We distinguish by our multidisciplinary teaching approach, based on taking advantage of  the knowledge that the student already has from his/her own language, and even other areas.

  The bilingualism as a tool

Almost of the mistakes when we lear a new language are syntax mistakes. That's why our teachers are bilingual, because knowing the syntax of their student's native language and using the HFL method the teacher can anticipate these errors and avoiding them since the beginning. In this way,the students can progress in their Hebrew language skills on a solid base.


24 hours Conference Rooms 

It's known  that is easier understanding a new language than express in it.

However, you learn to speak a language ... Speaking!

To achieve thi,s we offer video-conference rooms 24 hours, that facilitate the students train the language in conversation as much as they like,working in teams and interacting with other students at any time.