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Blended Learning System



In the last years, many specialists have stated that e-learning is stagnant and it's time to define new methodologies to improve and energize the online training. It's in this context that the blended learning emerged as a response that revolutionized and evolved both e-learning and classroom training, taking advantage of both educational systems in conjunction.

This bimodal model of education, also known as B-Learning, resulting in a flexible system that combines harmonizing educational techniques based on the methodical and didactic necessary for obtaining sought learning outcomes .

It grants greater pace and more consistently especially in our courses,i because it allows greater immersion, but very flexible hours.It facilitates learning through an efficient combination of different models of teaching and learning styles. It supports both technology-based materials and face-to-face sessions, which together provide transparent communication and achieve an effective teaching.


Our courses are based on 3 Blended modalities or combined and simultaneous axes:



a) Classes with Teacher.
b) Assisted Exercise Program.
c) Interaction with Educational Multimedia.


Study time and practice projected for our courses:

The estimated time for each exercise assisted lessons  is one hour with a teacher, and a half hour (at least) of multimedia use, taking into account that access to our multimedia is unlimited and therefore students can increase their use as much as they want.

Students have further the opportunity  to meet with other students for studying and exercising  in the student's rom designed for this purpose, which has 12 multipoints video conferences and it's available 24 hours.


Thus, in our Blended Courses  we reach the students in the most appropriate way, integrating the advantages of presentiality through classes in our interactive classroom teacher (the teacher in real time) with the advantages of self-organized learning , with flexible hours and dynamic resources.


This multichannel method meets certain basic objectives learning a language:

» It gives students the teaching-learning media-varied and complementary practice, covering all aspects of mastering a language, oral and written.

» Satisfaces weekly study time and pace required to learn or improve a language, without undermining freedom times as useful in these times.

Differences with tutoring:

As far as language is concerned , a lot is offered online as "courses". However, it's valid to make basic differences between course and tutoring.

In a course, the teacher develops a real teaching-learning process, explaining the issues and providing additional information that only he/she can convey. He/she monitors the student's progress and works with him/her on his difficulties. Teacher in a course makes teaching and methodological decisions according to what is observed and considered necessary for each student.

Conversely, in tutoring the teacher / tutor is refered to remove students' doubts and sometimes also accompany them in a path of a text they read together.He/she doesn't make  pedagogical decisions, doesn't correct exercises nor planning tasks that allow students to develop their skills and advance their goals.

While marketing today makes everything be offered as a course, it is good to distinguish when it really is , and when it's actually tutoring. In Ulpan Mahir  , we don't make tutoring. We teach courses.


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