Cursos de Hebreo Online - Cursos de Hebraico Online

Ulpan Mahir

Olim Chadashim




► Do you live in Israel and still can't cope with the language as you would like?

► Language difficulties interfere with your career advancement, or with your social and administrative life ?

► Are you doing Alyah and want to reach Israel with a base of Hebrew or improve your language proficiency?


We offer you  several alternatives to progress in your Hebrew and in your life in Israel:

If you choose custom  lessons:

Both, customized and intensive courses will help you to progress quickly, and you'll getting content focused on your specific needs.


If you want to study with your family:

We offer you a custom family plan with special discounts, ranging from 25% to 50%.


If you know other people in the same situation as you and you want to study together:

We set up a 'closed' group course, only for you, with content focused on the Oleh needs diferentially priced.