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Ulpan Mahir

Ivrit Café


alt קפה בעברית


Come to make new friends, practice your Hebrew and participate in interesting debates ...

Café Be'Ivrit, is a new approach in which we offer a relaxed space where you meet and talk in Hebrew with people around the world.

Café Be'Ivrit is not a course. It's a Virtual Workshop where you can share and discuss current issues, Israeli cinema, Middle East news, while at the same time make new friends around the world



For whom was our virtual café thought ?


  • For those Hebrew speakers that don't have any enviroment where apply and practise it.
  • For those who need improve their Hebrew.
  • For those who still are studying but already are an advanced students.
  • For everyone who knew Hebrew and want to  be in touch with another Hebrew Speakers around the world.

Our Café Be'Ivrit is coordinated by the Morá Chanit Trabulsi:

Ms. Trabulsi is Israeli and lives in Paris since 10 years ago.
She is accredited as Professor of Modern Hebrew and as Social Communicator and Journalist by the Inalko University of Paris.


She is also graduated in Social Sciences at the University of Tel Aviv.

She was sent by the Jewish Agency for Israel (Sochnut) in Paris and coordinated seminars in Israel.
Today is dedicated to teaching Hebrew to children and adults in Jewish institutions in Paris and surrounding cities, and she is the coordinator of the workshops of our Virtual Café for Hebrew speakers.


To participate in our Café in Hebrew, contact us.
We are waiting for you.