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HFL Method


"The most common errors in language learning are based on syntactic logic underlying the language. A teacher who knows the syntax of the language of the students, and give advantage to know them, is indispensable."


The methodology FL, is the teaching of a language like FOREIGN  LANGUAGE, that is, as a second language. The method is then HFL the teaching of Hebrew as Foreign Language.


Why is this method so important?

Generally online courses are not made ​​based on the nature of the student's native language, since many of the errors in the process of learning a new language, are closely linked to the native language syntax itself.

In the 2nd learning any language, there is in man a natural tendency to think in their mother tongue, especially in the syntactic aspect.

Our Blended courses were developed based on the characteristics of the students' mother tongue and following the HFL method .  

With the method is used primarily HFL knowledge that students bring with them -from other languages ​​and other disciplines, as an educational tool to be used more. "

Three axes are fundamental in the HFL method:

► Instructional material to meet the student's language.

► The professor must know both syntactic logic of the student's native language, and the HFL methodology and its application.

► The detection of the cause of errors based on the natural acquisition of language, allows the teacher not only its correctness, but also make decisions methodological really facilitate faster progress in the learning process.

Mastering HFL method allows our teachers to give clear and simple explanations to their students. "    

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