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Ulpan Mahir

Our classes with teachers


In each class the teacher explains about sintaxe grammar,  and makes the students practising conversation, correcting their pronunciation and stimulating their ability to express.

These classes are real time (online):

Being online, these classes are on schedule, and grow in our e-learning platform (Virtual Classroom), which uses multiple video conference and an area of your monitor will function as a virtual whiteboard, similar to those there in the classroom.

When it's a course as in our case (not a tutorial), this type of class allows student and teacher to interact, and  enable planning to meet pedagogical practices of traditional classroom education, making use of the importance of the group,  rate of learning, direct contact with the teacher, and working directly on the abilities of the student.


Each week you will receive in the class:

► New theoretical material.

► New additional exercises.

► The correction of the previous weekly exercises.

The teacher will also tell you which of the multimedia can complement each topic.

Our Teachers use the HFL method that identifies Mahir. Read about it here .


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