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Students Testimonies





We invite you to know the views that we were getting from some of our students, and their experiences.

I felt from the first moment a huge difference with other e-learning teaching methods ...

Before studying here, I enrolled in a famous institution that teaches Hebrew Online, but it didn't satisfy me. I perceived that learning a language as the Hebrew is only possible through a solid and deep method, and simultaneously in a familiar enviroment, as I found at the I felt from the first moment the huge difference between the two methods of teaching. In only two months of private lessons here, I can read Hebrew without vowels, write texts, understand spoken Hebrew. I never expected to progress so quickly!

Yankel Shapiro, 34 years old. Portugal.

I found a family here ...

"I really appreciate the excellent service that has given me I could never have imagined that I  would be so well served and supported.
I found in this Ulpan a family that teach Hebrew not as profane language, but with the emotional burden that it has: sacred. I learned  thatthere is a grammar behind the Hebrew grammar, special grammar, entirely irrigated by interpersonal relationships and conveying in authentic way, the bond that blood and pain created among our people. With this Ulpan, I am increasingly convinced that without being aware of it, Hebrew is not learned. "

Dan Mizrahi. 23 years old. Portugal.

I came to Israel six years ago ...

"I reached Israel six years ago from Venezuela. Despite the time elapsed, I can't cope enough in Hebrew for acquiring a better job.I started taking lessons in with a custom study plan, focused on my job (I am a nurse). In 8 months I got more than in six years living here, and I'm going up for more!

Patricia B. Leon, 38 years old. Venezuela-Israel.


My big thanks to the Morah Deby ...

"My name is Nathan Silva, I'm 70 years old, and as I always loved the Jewish history, I looked for a course that trained me to  read Hebrew. I searched for some time and I finished finding this course by internet. I was lucky to find Because here the teachers are trained and responsible. I, that  only heard in Hebrewthe words "shalom" and "amen", now I can read and write some understandable sentences. My big thanks to my teacher, the Morah Deby, who has been so patient with me. "

Nathan Silva, 70 years old. Brasil.

Teachers with excellent didactic, patients with our difficulties, encourage us to love the hebrew language ... and we alsomake new friends ...

I was a long time looking for a Hebrew course that was really effective. After some frustrated attempts, I find with a completly different system of education: Virtual classrooms with audio and video allow us to interact with the teacher and  classmates (in group classes), and all in real-time as in a face to face regular class. The teachers are committed and dedicated, with excellent teaching, patient with our difficulties, which encourages us to move forward, and  loving more and more the Hebrew language and the Jewish culture. In this Ulpan In addition to learn hebrew, with those who really know it in depth, we also make new and dear friends. I thank to my beloved Morah Deby  for her dedication, friendship and patience with me.

Martha Esteves. Brasil.


Some years ago I discovered that I am a descendant ofJews ... here I found not only a Hebrew course but also a containment framework morim (teachers) who know the halacha and the anusim situation like mine, and I guide me ...

"Someyears ago I discovered that I am a descendant of Jews and long time looked for reconnecting myself with my roots, but unfortunately in the region where I live there are no options for this. Thanks to this Ulpan, I found not only a Hebrew course of excellent quality, but also a containment framework with morim who know the halacha and the anusim situation like mine, that are able to guide me in many ways. I have only thank to my morim (teachers), Dvorah and Shaul, and to all the Ulpan Team that is always there to advise and assist me. And of course, I continue to deepen my studies. "

Gaona Javier Guzman. 31 years. Mexico.


I have Israelis grandchildren ... Today for me speak Hebrew is essential ...

"For a long time I wanted to study Hebrew but never had time, a score to settle as it's said. Anyway, now that I have Israelis grandchildren, can talk with them for me is essential!
This possibility to study online came to me like a glove, the time factor ceased to be an obstacle. The method is excellent. And the Morah Leah is definitely the best. I alreadu replied to my granddaughter when I answer the phone! '

Samuel Kogan. 61 years old. Argentina.

When I began to study Hebrew in,I was studying in another online course supposedly from Israel, certainly famous ...

When I began to study Hebrew in, I was studying in another israeli online course called eTeacher, famous for certain, and that had been the subject of my choice, a course taught by Israeli Israel. Could have a better stage? What deception! Just professionals interested in monetary results.
I was going to give up if not were for that welcomed me very well, doing to continue with my studies, so necessary in my private life.  I had the joy of having a teacher, who more than teacher became a friend, without losing the authority when is necessary. Now I continue in, currently in my second year, this time with custom lessons because I need to accelerate my Learning. I thank to the Ulpan Team for the responsible affection which they treat me, and recommend to anyone this course, knowing that they won't be disappointed. The Learning here is more than warranted.
Todah Raba.

Antonio Pringsheim, 58 years old. Brasil.