Cursos de Hebreo Online - Cursos de Hebraico Online

Ulpan Mahir

Custom Courses




These courses are "Tailor-Made"

At the Custom Courses unlike the group courses, the  number of students is between 1-3. This allowing to customize the pace and content of the course.


These courses are characterized by: a) Follow the rhythm of each student. b) Working with vocabulary focusing on their needs.


We recommend this kind of for:

⇒ Academic Hebrew. alt

⇒ Professional or Technical Hebrew.

⇒ Persons with hearing impairments.

⇒ Children with learning difficulties.

⇒ People who need to study with rotating schedules.

⇒ Family Groups.


Custom Courses include:

⇒ Live Virtual Clases with teacher online.

Online Multimedia with 24 hours acces.

 ⇒ Conversational Rooms 24 hours acces.

⇒ Study Material.

⇒ Exercise Material for.

⇒ + custom monitoring exercise.