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Ulpan Mahir

Classrooms & Students Room


In Ulpan Mahir we have Virtual Classrooms and also Students Rooms .


What is the difference?

In the classroom, you will find the teacherr, who will dictate classes per se. In addition to these conferences, teachers work with you on different materials and write in Hebrew,  in realtime during their explanations. You will enter the  classroom in the  stipulated class schedule.


Meanwhile, the Students room, is for you to meet with  other students to study, practising conversation and teamwork through multi-point videoconferencing. This room is available 24 hours and can enter the time you want and whenever you want, just like happens with our multimedia.






In Ulpan Mahir we argue that "The best way to learn speaking skills is by speaking", and therefore, we motivate our students to use their students room where they can meet, see, and talk with up to 12 students simultaneously, without relying on the presence of a teacher, because the students are enabled to activate this room , since it's by them and for them.


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