Cursos de Hebreo Online - Cursos de Hebraico Online

Ulpan Mahir

School Support



This area of the Ulpan is for kids who already attend  a Jewish school.

Many times we see that our children have some difficulties or are far behind the course contents at their school.

In our Ulpan know that every child is unique, and as such has his/her own way in the learning process.

Sometimes they only  need a few  full-time  and individual lessons in han with a teacher that update  their and attend their knowledges.

In the Online Ulpan we have teachers for Hebrew and Jewish Studies area, specializing in children and adolescents for this purpose.

Our classes are tought by morot (teachers) with domain on the Hebrew Language, of course, but in additionthey speak English, Spanish or French, according to the mother tongue of the child.