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In the student's area of the site, you will find different educational games that are installed on the website.

Software is developed to facilitate the teaching-learning of Hebrew, providing the possibility of exploration and interactivity in an audio environment, motion pictures, animated cartoons, virtual characters and interactive literacy.

The multimedia allow you to be in contact with Hebrew and not only during class time with the teacher, and thus increase the study time  and improve your rate with full flexible hours.

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  •     "The educational multimedia provide the  students the ability to self-organize and facilitate flexible hours independent learning styles, whose educational function is  stimulating comprehension, grammar skills, reading, and stimulate the hearing, as required for a new language learning"
  •    "The multimedia allow you to be in contact with the Hebrew no just during class hours with the teacher, and this increases your study time improving your pace and printing solidity in the acquired knowledge, and all in a fun way"

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