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Ulpan Mahir

Assisted Exercise Program


In our courses the teachers are more than simple mentors and they give  true classes.

The Assisted exercise involves students working on schedules prepared by themselves, but getting a refund and then participating in a joint analysis on what exercised, with the same teacher who gives classes themselves.


Our assisted exercise program:

► Allows you to exercise in your spare time and being able to self-organize, but without being alone.

► Stimulates their abiities for expression and oral and written comprehensión.

► Allow the teachers know your progress and/or difficulties, to make educational decisions and  facilitating your learning.

This program is independent of the multimedia, and has continued monitoring of teachers. They corrected this type of training and then work with you on errors if there are any.


So you can also learn about your own progress.


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Ulpan Mahir

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