Cursos de Hebreo Online - Cursos de Hebraico Online

Ulpan Mahir




A Hebrew Course at Your Fingertips.


Online Lessons, Multimedia and Assisted Exercise Program


Our Ulpan offers the only method for learning Hebrew that integrates all the technological applications in one system, streamlining and ensuring the language learning, without neglecting the human side, combining effectiveness with affection, like no other method can do.


Online Virtual Classes:

The student attends to custom online lessons or in small groups. A live teacher, is undoubtedly the best way to learn language and the only way for improving one's pronunciation. In every class we use a virtual whiteboard, view and comment  images and text, and the students can interact with the professor, and with their classmate too. Students can enjoy the best and most complete classes from wherever they want, whether at home, at job, or even when they are going on trip.


Interactive multimedia softwares:

With them, the student can learn and practise hebrew in interactive way, and playing too. We have softwares that allows practising reading and writing, and softwares with audio and games. On the interactive exercises, the same system is going to tell if the response was wrong or right.

We also have multimedia for learning with which you may return to the topics covered in class in a dynamic environment.


Dynamic exercise files:

These files unlike previous systems, not required to be online and can be activated on the computer.


Assisted exercise program:

Every week, the students receive an exercises group or lectures for working with. They follow chronologically the vocabulary sequence and syntactic-grammatical reasoning taught in class by the teacher.

These exercises have a dual function:

a) On the one hand they serve for the student gets in touch with Hebrew. Keeping pace is vital for learning a language.

b) On the other hand, in our courses all the exercises are readed and analyzed by the teachers, that allow them to take pedagogical decisions during the course, and also giving feedback to their students, and going back on some topic if It's necessary..

Natural Language Acquisition:

The integration of this system includes the intuitive phase through which we as humans beings learn to speak and understanding our mother tongue in childhood, even before learning to read and write.


HFL Method: A fundamental method for students that already literate in other language than Hebrew [Read here ...]


Blended Learning System: An advance system for pedagy applied to online courses. [Read here ...]