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Ulpan Mahir

Bar Mitzvah





The Bar Mitzvah is one of the most important events of Jewish life.

Indeed, from the 13 years the boys (and 12 girls), enter the adultes Jewish life, a new world of opportunities and responsibilities.

Therefore Bar Mitzvah is not just something you do ..It's something you are!


In our Ulpan we have a specific program to accompany the kids who are ready for their Bar Mitzvah, and to their families.

In the Bnei Mitzvah Program, we prepare children to read the Torah and it includes:

• The Parshah (Torah portion)  that they will have to read in this great day.

• The Tefilah (prayer)

• The Brachot (blessings).

We also teach them about the meaning of the Bar Mitzvah and each one of the topics that will be studied.