Cursos de Hebreo Online - Cursos de Hebraico Online

Ulpan Mahir

Hebrew Course





For boys and girls between 8 and 14 years

Ulpan Teens is the area of our Ulpan Mahir for our kids and works as a cheider.




How are the courses for kids going?

⇒ The courses are divided by age.

⇒ We work in individual lessons and in small groups of no more than 4 students per course.

Teacher assigned speaks native the language of the student.

⇒ The courses are divided into 2 correlative blocks of 5 months each one.

⇒ Each block has a charge time of 2 hours / lesson per week.


Like our classes for adults, this courses are taught in our e-learning platform where our morim give live classes via video conference. We also work on didactical materials inside the platform. We recommend to read the section 'How We Teach'.

Parents who want to visit our classroom before enrolling their children, can schedule a tour inside the virtual environment, in hand with one of our teachers.